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Media Brand Model Name Media Type Capacity Up To 12bit ProRes RAW HQ @ 4K 50/60p, 12bit  CDNG Raw @ 4k30p Up To 10bit ProRes RAW HQ @ 4K 50/60p, 4Kp60 / 2K 240p ProRes HQ / DNxHR Up To 10bit ProRes RAW @ 4K 25/30p, 4K 30p / 2K 120p ProRes HQ/ DNxHR Up To HD 30p ProRes HQ / DNxHD
Atomos compatibility with HDD & SSD

All SSD/HDD drives mentioned in the above table are standard 2.5” size. Please be careful when purchasing media since often drive manufacturers will have the same model number for different drive sizes and configurations. Spinning drives (HDD) will generally stand light/medium occasional bumps without any problems, all Atomos recorders have an anti-shock buffer. However, spinning drives are not recommended for use in high vibration or moving environments.

Please follow our best practice guide for drives:
  • Use a new drive, or one that has very little usage
  • Always format your drive in the Atomos product
  • Do not use old drives
  • Do not use drives that have been dropped

On all drives, when handling, keep fingers away from the SATA connector at all times, as static electricity can damage the electronics inside.

Note These results are from internal testing at Atomos. They are offered without guarantee since drive manufacturers can change firmware without notice (Atomos works hard to resolve compatibility issues with the drive manufacturers). Recording times are based on internal testing.

More testing is being done with SSDs and HDDs, and any updates will be posted here on a regular basis. If you have any suggestions for any particular HDD or SSD, please let us know via and we will do our best to test them.